This site is the home of phpEventCalendar and phpInstantGallery. Both scripts are free software licensed under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL). The license is designed to keep the software free, rather than limit the ways you can use it. If you would like to learn more, you can read the license at:

phpEventCalendar - Version 0.2.3

phpEventCalendar is a mysql backed application that allows users to post and display events or notes on month-at-a-glance calendar. Because only authorized users can add events or posts, the calendar is perfect for individuals or organizations looking to communicate upcoming events to a larger audience. phpEventCalendar comes with a user administration panel, and two user levels. One user type can post/edit events, and add or edit users, while the other user type can only post/edit events.

phpInstantGallery - Version 2.0

phpInstantGallery is a simple tool for posting customizable, template based html galleries, without a database. The script scans the directory you point it to (via a query string), then stores the list of images it retreives in an array that is POSTED from page to page as the user moves through the gallery. This method of file-list-passing makes phpInstantGallery significantly more efficient than gallery tools that scan image directories each time they generate a page.

Version 2.0 has been completely rewritten with the idea that the tool should be as simple and efficient as possible.