phpEventCalendar :: Installation

  1. Download pec-x.y.tar.gz (or pec-x.y.tar for Windows users)
  2. Untar/unzip phpEventCalendar into a directory on your server. All files will untar/unzip under the folder phpEventCallendar, which is part of the archive.
  3. Make changes to config.php. The file is fairly well documented.
  4. In a browser, go to the URL for the createtables.php file, included in the distribution. This step creates the database tables, and give you a link to the calendar if successful.
  5. Login to the calendar (link is at bottom) with the default user:
    • username: admin
    • password: password
    Once you are logged in, I recommend that you first visit the user admin page (link at bottom), and change your password.
  6. Delete createtables.php